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Luxembourg For Family Office 

 Founded in 2010

Luxembourg for Family Office will contribute to the development and the promotion of Family Office Business in Luxembourg, The fourth pillar of the Finance . The Group will exchange with other associations and professionals worldwide, exchange information about the Family Office Business for Single Family Offices, Multi Family Offices  in Luxembourg and Europe.

Our President


Mrs  Diana Diels

Diana Diels (Kneip), born in 1966 is founding partner of  the Luxembourg Association of Family Offices and President of Luxembourg For Family Office. She is a senior executive of the financial sector specialised in Family Business, Wealth Management, Family office, External Asset Management and Compliance Officer.


She studied economics and has an MBA in Finance. She was accredited by the CSSF at the age of 27 years as Asset Manager. In 1996, she became member of the Board of the Association of the Asset Managers.

She worked for Banks and managed Family Business in the ICT sector, BPO and Datacentre Business, ... 

In 2010 Wealth@Work she was founder of an independent family office platform which was elected as the best start up in the Private Financial Cloud.

She has experience in financial engineering, management of SOPARFIS and is over 20 years present as an Independent Director at the Board of Directors of several companies (Financial Sector or Private Held companies).


Luxembourg for Family Office 

Our Vision

Under the “Worldwide Rise of Family Offices” family offices are definitely today the new force of nature in the world of Families and their Wealth. Family offices come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of their families and the family business.

Even if you are not a Rockefeller a Family Office can help a family to acquire financial expertise. Many families do not consider that they can benefit from a family office. They miss out an opportunity to tighten family bonds, bolster the family’s financial and legal savvy, and enhance their purchasing power.

A lot of Families have a family council and think they cannot afford one! A family council just provides a forum for discussions. The family trust of holding own shares in the operating companies and concentrates family control. A family investment company is a structure that parallels the family business and manages assets outside the family company like real estate and liquid assets.  Welcome to the Family office world, families as owners, families as employees, family as family, family as community !

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill (1874 -1965)

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